October 30, 2006

The Mystery Of Socks

Posted in Socks at 10:15 pm by Melanie

::Pretend there is a charming picture of the beginning of Erin’s Cuff down blue, orange, and pink striped socks here::

I never really look forward to casting on for a pair of socks, but after the initial annoying cast on, division of stitches and akward first row I’m hooked.  Watching stripes, colors, or patterns emerge is exciting and keeps me knitting stitch after stitch, more for the process than the actual finished project.  What is that all about anyway? 

 After 3 failed attempts at doing Erin’s socks toe up I’ve cast on for them cuff down.  I’m quite bummed about the toe up situation.  Does anyone know a good tutorial for short rows or how to actually wrap a stitch correctly?  Because that’s all I can figure I’m doing wrong.  The correct side of my knitting/ short rows always look nice.  My purl sides?  Not so much.

Advice anyone?


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  1. Kathy said,

    I’m the same way witch socks: Until they are cast on and the first couple of rows are finished, I really don’t like knitting them.

    I’m not a short row girl, so I can’t help you there. 😦

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