November 7, 2006

Fern Leaf Socks?

Posted in General Chatter, Socks at 1:54 am by Melanie

After seeing Kris’ completed fern leaf lace socks it “dawned on me what my next “small” project for the month should be.

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That’s Koigu KPPPM color P613. What do you think?

Yeah, I know.  Browns & neutrals… so boring, right?  Well, I’ll show pictures of Erin’s socks (coming along nicely) in between showing pictures of “yucky” browns.  I love me some browns.

 Also, as a side note… I have the coolest Dad.  There’s no much floor space in my apartment so I’ve been blocking items at mom and dad’s where there are many unused rooms.  Tonight I was working on pinning out my hourglass sweater (yes- it’s done- pictures to come) and Zander was “helping.”  I ran out of water and told Zander to go ask “papaw” for more water.  My dad, a little skeptical, asks Zander, “What’s the water for?”  I pipe up, “It’s for Mommy.”  He responds, “What are you doing?” 

“Blocking a sweater.” 


And not the kind of “oh, that’s nice dear.”  But the “oh yeah, that makes sense” type of “oh.”  My dad knows what it means to “block a sweater.”  I’m so proud of him.



  1. MJ said,

    No, I love the browns! Perfect time of year for them too!
    Cute that Zander knew “blocking a sweater” too!
    and Yeah for Dad! Knitting enablers!

  2. Christine said,

    I love browns. I love that colorway. Looking forwar to photos of the sweter and socks!

  3. Eileen said,

    Beautiful colorway! Looks like the trees are turning and the toes will be toasty.

  4. Kris said,

    Great color! It will look great with that pattern. 🙂

  5. Abigail said,

    Oh those socks are going to look great.

    I have the same colorway in my stash. It will be fun to compare the different looks that we get from the same yarn.

    Thanks for visiting:D

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