November 9, 2006

My next sweater

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I casted on for my socks last night.  Came up one stitch short and decided to tink back, that was taking so long so then I got the bright idea to take it off the needles and rip back 3 rows.  yeah, the yarn never made it back on the needles.  So I don’t feel much like working on those again tonight.

 I also am stalled on my sister’s socks until my mom sees her this weekend to measure her feet.  I’m doubting the size of them.  And until I KNOW the measurements I’m just not going to waste my time knitting something I might end up frogging.

 So, the next project:
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This is Demi from Vintage Knits

 I’ll work on my gauge swatch while watching grey’s anatomy and maybe cast on for a sleeve.  This sweater is going to be super challenging.  But I think I’m up for it.  If THIS girl can knit TWENTY sweaters in her first year of knitting I can knit a cabled sweater after 2 years.  SERIOUSLY!



  1. tiennie said,

    Ooohh, I’m cheering you on! That sweater is beautiful! SERIOUSLY! The only reason why I can finish 20 sweaters is that they were pretty much plain stockinette – and lots of nagging family members (especially a hubby who complains about being cold). If I had to finish 20 Demis? No way! Can’t wait to see your progress. Did I already mention that I love your new blog?

  2. Christine said,

    Omg! Did you HAVE to share that crazy womans blog? 20 FREAKING SWEATERS? I think she’s lying. ;o)

    I love the sweater your choose. It’s beautiful!! I need to find a decent sweater for me to try my hands at. Im scared… and Im a big girl too, so that doesnt help. I dont really care for the patterns in Big Girl Knits… so I need to become proficient at increasing the number of sts to fit me. I think. Or just continue to lose weight. That might be my best option.

    Seriously? 20 sweaters? DANG!

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