November 16, 2006

Stitch Diva- Simple Knitted Bodice

Posted in Future Projects at 9:39 pm by Melanie

So I bought this pattern and received it in the mail yesterday.
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I’m trying to find a subsitute yarn right now.  20sts=4″ 

The yarn used is 100% silk.  I don’t want to use this, because as the pattern warns, the sweater will grown and stretch.  I’m thinking maybe a silk/wool blend.  Have any of you guys used any of the silk/wool blends from knit picks?



  1. heatherly said,

    i used rayon/silk from interlacements. undyed was about 1200 yds for $18. it is on my blog, sleeveless, though i am half way done with the last sleeve now.

  2. Christine said,

    I haven’t used any from KnitPicks but have some gorgeous silk/wool blend from Noro. Silk Garden Lite. Silk, Kid Mohair and Lamb’s Wool. Not super soft but will definetly keep you warm. There are several beautiful colorways in this line as well. The yardage is all in meters… so there’s 125.


    I thought of this yarn as soon as I saw the photo. This will be beauitful in whatever color and yarn you chose.

  3. Melanie said,

    Whatever yarn you use,that is a gorgeous pattern! Can’t wait to see it finished.

  4. Aura said,

    I have used Elegance from KnitPicks and I really like that yarn; it has a soft sheen and is very very soft against the skin (it’s alpaca and silk). I’ve been seeing more of that top around the internets and it is starting to sing it’s siren song to me… 🙂

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