November 18, 2006

The sock of many faces

Posted in Socks at 8:51 am by Melanie

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Apparantly counting to five proved to be too much for me.  I messed up close to the beginning of my 4×1 seed stitch pattern.  I dropped the stitches and tried to pick them up, but it looked sloppy.  Picking up a purl is a lot harder than picking up a knit. 

I knit on for a while hoping it wouldn’t be noticable, but it’s my sister and no mistakes can be in her socks! 🙂 

 So I switched to the garter rib stitch that Melanie recommended a few posts back.  Thanks Melanie!

This pattern is working quite well because of the stretchiness of it. It’s bound to fit her with all that “give.” Hopefully that could be the end of beginning of this damned sock. If this were for me I would have put it “away” a long time ago.

As a side note… for a long time I’ve ignored questions about my romantic/personal life. I know everyone that has asked because they care and because they’re actually interested. I think I’m almost ready to talk about it. So for all the comments I’ve ignored and all the e-mails about it that I haven’t responded to, I’m sorry. Sometimes things are better left unsaid. But I also know that true healing will only come from talking about it. So I’m almost there.


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  1. MJ said,

    That happens to me all the time, switching patterns that is. I know how when you knit for others, especially those family members, you want it to be just right. But don’t stress yoursef out! The charm of handmade is the imperfections!

    Take care!!

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