November 21, 2006

Knitting Monotony

Posted in Socks at 9:10 pm by Melanie

So, although I think you’re probably getting bored of seeing Erin’s socks they’re all I’ve really been knitting on.  I have 9 days to cast off one sock, and the next several I will not be able to knit on them because of the presence of my sister.  I’d like to get done with this sock in enough time to get headway on the 2nd one.  I don’t want to be fretting about these darned socks days before Christmas.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Pencil shown for scale.  The toes will be solid orange as well.

I need to knit through another ball of Jenny’s Baby Blanket before the end of this weekend, and then another one next week.  I am ready to cast on for my next sweater.  (The Central Park Hoodie– I am soooo jumping on the bandwagon) but I need to get some other not so fun knitting done first. (The baby blanket and erin’s socks.)



  1. tiennie said,

    Cool sock so far. Woohoo on the CPH – you’ll love the pattern (I knit 3 of them)!

  2. Christine said,

    Sock looks great!

  3. MJ said,

    Lovin the orange heel!!
    Your needles are on fire!

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