November 30, 2006

Out of my EVERLOVING mind

Posted in Other Misc Projects at 8:43 pm by Melanie

Yeah, that’s me.  Out of my mind.  I currently have TOO many projects on the needles.

Erin’s Socks
Uncle Dick’s Golf Club Covers
Cable & Ribs Socks
Central Park Hoodie
A Shawl that I haven’t mentioned yet. I’m not sure if I’ll keep this on the needles- I’m just playing around with lace yarn and seeing how competent I am with all those YO and K2TOG’s etc. before I cast on for the Pacific Northwest Shawl

You can tell what my goals for December will be. ha ha.

 Oh yeah, and then there’s this. 
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It’s a log cabin blanket for Zander.  When I began knitting again I didn’t tackle a blanket… I was getting back in the swing of things with simple scarves, etc.  I did make him a quilt when he was about 18 months, and he has loved it to death, and it even has holes forming and is VERY faded.  I decided it was time for another blanket for him.  I love the colors.  They are Knitpicks superwash wool and I am absolutely AMAZED at the softness of this yarn.  When picking the colors I wasn’t sure how they would match, but I’m really thrilled.  I have 770 yards.  Do you think that will be enough?

I also ordered knitpick options needles to give them a try.  The set is on my Christmas Wish List so I wanted to make sure I liked them.  They’re SOOOO like addis that I’m amazed.  If you haven’t tried them you should!  I’m off to work on a project I shouldn’t have even started.



  1. MJ said,

    That log cabin is lookin good!
    I love the Knit Picks needles too!
    They worked great for the mobius – the cord was so flexible!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. tiennie said,

    You are going to be crazy busy! The blanket is going to be so nice for Z!

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