December 1, 2006

December Goals

Posted in Monthly Goals at 12:43 pm by Melanie

November Goals:1. Finish Hourglass Sweater. DONE.
2. Finish Jenny’s Baby Blanket. It really needs to be done after the first week in December, so I’m willing to slide on this one a bit. DONE.
3. Finish 1 of Erin’s socks. DONE
4. Cast on for new Sweater. (I have no sweater choosen. I do have a ton of yarn, but I’m willing to wager that the pattern I pick will require me to buy more yarn. ha ha.) DONE. Central Park Hoodie.  And it’s being knit with stash yarn.  BONUS POINTS!!!
5. Finish Black Sea Hat. DONE.
6. Start one more project… socks or SOMETHING else on the smaller size. DONE. Cable & Rib Socks.

December Goals:

1.Finish Erin’s Socks.
2. Finish Uncle Dick’s Golf Club Covers.
3. Complete the back and one sleeve for CPH.  If I decide to knit both sleeves at once then I need to get half-way up them.
4. Finish Cable & Rib Socks.
5. Progress on the Log Cabin Blanket.
6. Lace Project.  Make significant progress.  Like 2 hours of work that doesn’t have to be ripped. 🙂