December 8, 2006

Not Much Knitting

Posted in General Chatter at 7:35 pm by Melanie

It has been a crazy week.  Not much knitting has been done.  The only thing that is really inspiring me right now is Z’s blanket.  I’ve completed one square and am about half way done with the second.  I’m structuring it much like this one.

 I’m forced myself to stop working on it until Christmas presents are knit.  So I picked up Erin’s 2nd sock again a few days ago and have about 2″ left before the heel flap.  I’m ready to be done with them.  I also haven’t touched Uncle Dick’s golf covers.  The first one is complete and the 2nd one is about 2-3″ from starting the top. 

 I also had a date yesterday.  It was okay.  The guy seems like a fantastic guy (he brought me two red roses when he picked me up.)  He was a perfect gentlemen, but there was just something missing.  I actually keep thinking of Lee.  Even though we broke up about 4 months ago, he creeps back into my mind often.

Z and I also set up our first OWN christmas tree since the divorce and moving out.  It meant a lot to both of us.  It also meant a lot to me that my friend Mary loaned the tree to us so that I didn’t have to go out and buy one.  My mom donated most of the ornaments.  Family and friends really show true colors around the holidays.  I feel so privledged to call them that. 🙂
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Merry Christmas!!!



  1. Eileen said,

    Beautiful tree. Enjoy the season and your son’s excitement!!

  2. tiennie said,

    That’s a great tree. Glad to see you’re getting into the spirit. I’m going to be scrooge and say Bah Humbug to Christmas knitting! You’re a much better person than me. Erin’s sock? No wonder! You’ve started and restarted that how many times?

    Sorry about your date. Could it get better if you try it again? Could you try it again with Lee? Anyways, good for you for getting out!

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