December 13, 2006

Real Post To Come

Posted in General Chatter at 8:39 pm by Melanie

Work is busy, life is busier.  Holidays are just around the corner and I’m SWAMPED, overwhelmed and stressed. 

 So, again, not much knitting.  I’m sucking on the goals so far this month.  It’s lousy.  I MUST get Erin’s socks and Uncle Dick’s golf club covers done.  Hopefully time will be kind to me this weekend. 

 I had a training session last night with a friend.  She wanted to learn to knit.  I love spreading the addiction to others.  We met for lunch today and she brought it along.  It took me back to my first project (a terribly knit mohair scarf.)  I remeber how I felt like I was knitting with two left hands.  And I remember how proud I was when I was able to hold up the completed object.  It’s thrilling!!! 

 Anyway, I hope the next time I post you actually have a reason to stop by and maybe a picture or two of knitting!  Would be nice, huh?



  1. Christine said,

    Overwhelmed? Sounds normal to me!

    You and I should both start Christmas knitting early… like… December 26th!!

    Im thinking about taking a sock class… and Im taking a felted purse class thats similiar to the booga bag.. isnt that what you made awhile back? Blue and White stripped?

    Anyways.. I hope you find time… but more importantly.. motivation!!

    I know how you feel… AMEN SISTA!

  2. tiennie said,

    You go girl! (How very 90s of me)

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