December 23, 2006

Harry Potter

Posted in General Chatter at 10:57 pm by Melanie

As I’m sure many of you know, the conversation of the soon to come Harry Potter #7 (due out in July) has started.  I typed in and got seriously distracted.  I was going to come here and talk about knitting, but instead found this link.

If they kill Harry I’ll be ready to kill somebody.  Who’s with me?!



  1. Adam Nash said,

    It’s not a given that she’ll kill Harry. After all, Luke Skywalker survived – it was Anakin that died (along with all the other Jedi). Giving up Dumbledore was a big deal, assuming that he is really dead and she doesn’t back out of it by making up some magical excuse in Book 7.

    Thanks for the link to my blog!

  2. Christine said,


    I don’t want Harry to die and I would love for Dumbledore to come back also (as stated by Adam Nash).. I just want it to be more than him in a picture frame in the headmasters office. That would bore me to tears!

    I think for obvious reasons killing Harry would allow her to go on with her life and would also make Hogwarts and Harry Potter.. more realistic. The good guy doesn’t always win… or live. However, lets be honest! We want Harry to win AND live!

    And it’s been reported that this IS her last H.P. book… and also that it isn’t. Whatever it is… in some ways… I wonder if this new title has Harry going to the “Dark Side” of things. Maybe toying with the Slytherin in him… and then retreating back to the good side. I’d like to see him struggle a little more with that… rather than growing pains and crushes.

    And, like any other H.P. fan… I just want the 7th book ALREADY!!! I will love H.P. and JKRowling the same… regardless of what happens!

    Oh… and Merry Christmas to you and “Z”!!!

  3. tiennie said,

    I love these books but I want to be spoiler free when I read it. But here’s some of my thoughts: Dumbledore is alive and Aunt Petunia is really a witch too. I hope Harry doesn’t die!

    Happy Holidays!

  4. Christine said,

    Hey… Tiennie…

    I love your theory on Aunt Petunia being a witch too. She totally looks like she could be one. Perhaps she was once a follower of Voldermort and has gone into hiding.

    p.s. At regal cinamas over here, they have the next movie poster up. It has Lord Voldermort on it. Not as cool as I thought it would be… but Im totally excited to see the next H.P. on the big screen.

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