January 6, 2007

KnitPicks Options

Posted in Yarn Porn at 10:02 am by Melanie

My mom granted my Christmas wish this year and got me the Options set from Knitpicks.

 I’ve always looked longingly at denise and other interchangable sets.  How convienient to have all your needles right there, and be able to change needle sizes when going from ribbing to stockinette without jugling a whole bunch of needles.  Besides, I’m not the most organized person in the world.  Having a PLACE to keep them seems like such a good idea.

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Here’s the case they come in.  It measures about 7.5″ wide and 9″ tall.  It looks much like a daytimer case.

When you open it up there are pockets that zip open and zip close.

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There are pages with 3 pockets, 2 pockets, or just one giant pocket.  I used the pages with 3 sleeves to store the smaller sizes.  I took a permanant marker and marked the needle size above the pocket.  If you see above on the right side at the top I have 4 needles placed in one pocket.  Those are all size 7.  It really fits quite a bit.

Now let’s actually compare to Addis.  Price wise it can’t be beat.

Addis range between $12.95 and $24.95 depending on the size.  Seen here.
Options are priced a bit differently.  The needles range between $3.99-$6.99.  And two cords (any length) are $3.99.  So if I were to buy a size 4, 24″ needle I would only owe $8.00.  If I were to buy a size 7 24″ needle I’d only owe $4.99.  (I already have the cord you see. ha ha.)  Check them out here.

Now, check out this picture:
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the shaft of the options needles (shown left) is a full 1.5 cm shorter than the shaft of the addi (shown right.)  I personally love that.  Especially when doing small diameter knitting like magic loop!

I tried roughly 5 times to photograph the tips of the options vs the addis and this is the best I can come up with.  (It’s rainy outside and I had to use a flash.  bummer.)
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The point on the options (left again) is much sharper than that of an addi.  I always thought addis had sharp points, but now they seem really TOO dull in comparison.

 Finally, the cord:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
the purple cord has VERY VERY little memory and is extremely flexible.  I have had only a few instances where my needles have started to come unwound from my cord.  But the only times that has happened I’ve never been able to remember using the key.  Now, although it seems kind of silly I put that little piece of metal in the hole on the beginning of the cord and twist TIGHTLY. 

Buying the whole set is the best idea… it does save a ton of money, but the needles are really quite affordable to just start purchasing.  And if you don’t want the black case you can always keep them in the sleeves they come in.  They’re labeled nicely and would be fine just lying in the bottom of a knitting basket or bag.

Hope that helps anyone that was curious!



  1. melanie said,

    I’m glad you showed the pic of the points…I was wondering how sharp they really were.
    Looks like one more thing to add to the Knit List.LoL

  2. Kathy said,

    Yay for Options needles! I love mine, too. Their dpn’s have the same super sharp tips, btw.

  3. tiennie said,

    Thanks! My friend just ordered some so I’m going to wait to see hers before I take the plunge.

  4. Eileen said,

    I have the Denise set and I love them, but these look a lot more pointy. I’m tempted…..

  5. Thanks for the review. Knit Picks Options are FINALLY COMING TO AUSTRALIA and I really wanted more info before I pre-ordered them. The pointy tip and no memory cord have really sold me. Thanks for the info!

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