January 7, 2007

A Horrible, No Good, Very Bad [knitting] Day

Posted in Blankets, Socks at 12:08 pm by Melanie

So yesterday I spent an hour working on the 4th square for Z’s blanket.  Since Z wanted to go over and see Mimi & Papaw I took the first 3 squares to block.  (They have much more floor space there.)  I wanted to see how big the squares would be when I was done blocking them so that I could determine just how many blocks I would need to complete the blanket. 

It was a disaster. 

Upon getting the squares wet they COMPLETELY lost their shape.  Suddenly holes (that weren’t there before) where I picked up stitches appeared and made the squares look like a 5 year old novice had knit them.  I left them to dry in hopes that they would shrink back down, but I’m really discouraged at this point.  I don’t want that to happen everytime I wash the dang  thing.  I’m not sure if it’s the yarn or the pattern or a combination.  I really like the yarn (Knit picks superwash wool.) It’s soft and squishy.  So I started thinking of other things I could do with the yarn.  Stripes came to mind so I found this pattern and started swatching.  What do you think?Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Keep with the log cabin squares and hope they behave themselves when sewn together or do a chevron striped blanket?

Since I was already discouraged I figured I’d work on some more of my current projects.  Picked up the Shetland Shawl, messed up somewhere and am now deciding whether to rip to my last lifeline (at repeat 3) or tink back 5 rows and try again.

Put that down, and decided screw it… time to start something new.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
These will be the River Rapid Socks.  Seen here.  This yarn is Knit Picks Essential Solid in Grass.  It is sooo soft and smooth and has a great sheen.  I really like knitting with it.

 That’s all.  Hope your knitting is going better than mine.  And what do you think about Z’s blanket?



  1. melanie said,

    You could always put a backing on the blanket if you wanted,to help keep it’s shape.

  2. Eileen said,

    No real suggestions, though I do like the Chevron. I did have to comment on your title though—I have an Alex, and remember that book quite well.

  3. Christine said,

    Here’s the link.. I cant remember your email.. otherwise I would send you and invite.


    Cant wait to see you posting again!!

  4. tiennie said,

    Sometimes you get those AARRRGGGHHH! days. Hopefully, you’ll be back on track tomorrow!

  5. MJ said,

    Chevrons! I love it!

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