January 21, 2007

A Gift Of The Best Kind!

Posted in Secret Pal 9 at 3:11 pm by Melanie

My Secret Pal sent me a gift this week.  I just had a chance yesterday to get to the leasing office to pick it up.  Wow did I get spoiled!!! 🙂
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A little lamb toy that I hope to get painted soon and a pampering set that smells just wonderful!  🙂  I’ve been needing a small thing of purfume to stick in my purse for middle of the day “refreshment.”  Now I have one.  Thanks!!! 

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This is a sheep chalkboard that I have already started painting.  The choc-aid choclates have been claimed by the little guy already and he loves them.  The two bars at the bottom are local to my secret pal’s area.  She told me the 3400 bar (yellow) was her favorite so I IMMEADIATELY dug into it.  It is fantastic dark chocolate.  I’ve been spoiling myself with a little piece here and there.  YUM.

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This is where I’m going to put the chalkboard and sheep toy.  To the left you’ll see 3 balls of yarn.  Those were from my last secret pal.  It’s chashmere.  I know that I want a lacy scarf out of it.  I think I’m either going to do diamonds or a lacy leaf pattern.  I’ve never cast on for them though.  The yarn is just SOOO soft that I don’t want to start knitting with it for fear that the pleasure of feeling it will be over soon.  So it sits on my shelf and I look at it everyday.  Don’t the two sheep just complete that little knitting themed shelf?

 I’m off to watch football and enjoy a few hours of peace and quiet while the little guy is with his dad.  THANKS SO MUCH SECERT PAL!!!



  1. Christine said,

    I want some choclate!! And some cashmere yarn as well.

    I would be afraid of using the yarn though… my fear is that whatever *I* made it into… would look horrible. OR… would look FREAKING AWESOME and that alone would be scary to wear.

    I love the sheep themed shelf!

  2. Secret Pal said,

    I’m so glad you like everything. Your knitting themed shelf is lovely. I think yarn makes a wonderful decoration. I hope you had a great weekend and were able to enjoy your quiet time. 🙂

  3. Ruinwen said,

    Very cute gifts! Glad ewe had a special mail day!


  4. tiennie said,

    Great loot!

  5. moraie said,

    Cute chalkboard! Where did you get it?

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