February 3, 2007

Montly Goals- February

Posted in Monthly Goals at 6:25 pm by Melanie

January Goals:

1. Complete 4 more blocks on Zander’s blanket. (total of 7) I’m going to stay neutral on this. I ended up ripping out the blocks I had done and casted on for a different type of blanket (chevron). I made it decently far into it but can’t say whether I did 4 blocks worth.
2. Complete the back and one sleeve for CPH.  If I decide to knit both sleeves at once then I need to get half-way up them. Not Done.
3. Cast on for a new pair of socks. Done. River Rapid Socks.
4. Finish Melissa’s scarf. Done.
5. Rip any old projects I know I won’t touch again. Not Done. Although I do know which projects I intend to keep or finish.
6. Make progress on any I decide to keep. Not done.
7. Two repeats of Ripple lace on Shawl. (This one became: Complete 6 repeats of the body.  I’m halfway through the 4th now.) I ripped this. Not Done.

I did terrible this month.  I didn’t have a lot of time to knit.  I did keep track of my knitting time though and brought in 25 hours of knitting time.  This month’s goals are simple.

February Goals:
1. Don’t start any new projects unless one is complelted.

 I have the following on the needles:
1. River Rapid Socks.
2. Zander’s blanket.
3. CPH.
4. Endpaper Mitts
5. Cashmere scarf.

I also have several babies coming into life in the next 9 months (Courtney’s, Melissa’s, Debra’s, and Tracy’s.)  So I need to whittle some of this stuff away because I’ll be making a lot of baby blankets in the next several months. 


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