January 4, 2007

Changing My Mind

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I’m changing my mind on my January goals.  I started this:

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The Shetland Triangle from “Wrap Style.”

So #7 (Two repeats of Ripple lace on Shawl) becomes, Complete 6 repeats of the body.  I’m halfway through the 4th now. 

So, any lace knitters out there could help me greatly.  Right now I’m working with Rowan 4ply soft.  Recommended needle size is a 3.  I seem to be able to master any lace pattern I try that isn’t with lace weight yarn.  The Home Sweet Home Shawl is an example.  Why is that?  I mean I know that lace weight yarn should be a little trickier to manuever, but not impossible or frustrating, right?  I feel like I’m a confident knitter and should be able to master lace knitting.  I LOVE the artistic qualities and beauty of shawls and want to be able to make a lot of them.  So where do I start?  Any easy or good projects to start with with lace weight?  What about branching out from Knitty?

 You tell me.  I’m open for anything.  I have thousands of yards of lace weight that I do NOT want to go to waste!!!


October 18, 2006

Home Sweet Home Shawl

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The shawl has been blocked and the ends have been woven in.

Here is the completed shawl before blocking:

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And after blocking:
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It still amazes me what blocking does for knitting. Especially lace. This home sweet home shawl is especially meaningful to me. It’s sitting in my new home. The home I had waited a long time for. The home that is truly mine.

Anyway, here are the stats:

What: Home Sweet Home Shawl
Started: Tuesday, March 21, 2006
Finished: Wednesday, October 18, 2006
Yarn: Sock Memories in fly fishing. 5.5 skeins; I really like this yarn and can’t wait to use it again.
Needles: size 5 clover bamboo
Lesson: First sucessful lace project. YAY!!! I’m ready to try lace weight yarn again. I really got a lot of fundementals down with knitting this lace project.
Recipient: Mine. All Mine.
Knitting Time: 35 Hours and 54 minutes. So roughly 36 hours.
Pattern Changes. I did 28 repeates instead of 35 as written. I’m tiny. It didn’t need to be as long as it was written for.