January 11, 2007

I’m a flake

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look what I started.

 I’ve got the ribbing done on the first set.  I just ordered a fair isle book from Amazon.  I’m going to see if I have the patience to wait for that to come before starting the actual colorwork. 


January 8, 2007

Knit A-Longs

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I found a fantastic on-going knit along.  Knit The Classics.  You read a different (classic) novel every month  and knit something that matches it.  I hardly feel I’ll knit something all months (or even most months) but it should be fun to read along, and see if any project ideas float into my head based on the novel of the month.  Right now we’re reading The White Woman which I have subscribed to through dailylit.com. Since I’m already a few days behind I didn’t want to waste time waiting for a book to be delivered.

 I also joined Socktopia. Although I don’t think this is the sock knit along I meant to join. Isn’t there one that was ran “sock a month” knitalong or something to that effect? I tried to google it, but couldn’t find it. Anyone know what I’m talking about? 

November 16, 2006

Stitch Diva- Simple Knitted Bodice

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So I bought this pattern and received it in the mail yesterday.
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I’m trying to find a subsitute yarn right now.  20sts=4″ 

The yarn used is 100% silk.  I don’t want to use this, because as the pattern warns, the sweater will grown and stretch.  I’m thinking maybe a silk/wool blend.  Have any of you guys used any of the silk/wool blends from knit picks?

November 9, 2006

My next sweater

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I casted on for my socks last night.  Came up one stitch short and decided to tink back, that was taking so long so then I got the bright idea to take it off the needles and rip back 3 rows.  yeah, the yarn never made it back on the needles.  So I don’t feel much like working on those again tonight.

 I also am stalled on my sister’s socks until my mom sees her this weekend to measure her feet.  I’m doubting the size of them.  And until I KNOW the measurements I’m just not going to waste my time knitting something I might end up frogging.

 So, the next project:
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This is Demi from Vintage Knits

 I’ll work on my gauge swatch while watching grey’s anatomy and maybe cast on for a sleeve.  This sweater is going to be super challenging.  But I think I’m up for it.  If THIS girl can knit TWENTY sweaters in her first year of knitting I can knit a cabled sweater after 2 years.  SERIOUSLY!

November 1, 2006

I have to have this

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…I guess I’ll have to make it.  (This.) Definitly the long sleeve version. It is so flowy, romantic and yet spunky at the same time. I love my sleeves long!
Of course not with that yarn– it’d make me go broke.

Ooo, this is cute too.

Okay, sorry… this post is, I guess, more for me than anyone… but hey, if it inspires you– FANTASTIC!