January 27, 2007

An Update

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I’m not really doing good sticking to my monthly goals this month.  So many other things have caught my interest.  After my last post where I talked about that Cashmere that my last secret pal had gifted me I really got motivated to finally knit it up.  Yes, yarn makes a beautiful piece of decorating, but wouldn’t that cashmere look better around my neck?  Yeah, I thought so too.

So here it is:
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It’s a beautiful shade of reddish brown.  This picture makes it look more red than brown.  It’s going to be a thin scarf, but think it will look just darling with a cream sweater.

I have also been working on my Rapid River socks:
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The pattern is really great when stretched out or worn.  There are little eyelets that go down the insides of the curve.  Stunning.  I’ve actually grown a little bored of these.  I want them to be tall socks.  Right now they’re about average leg length. 

 That’s about all here.  I haven’t been knitting as much as I would like.  Those pesky things called life and work have really gotten in the way.  Bummer.


January 11, 2007

I’m a flake

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look what I started.

 I’ve got the ribbing done on the first set.  I just ordered a fair isle book from Amazon.  I’m going to see if I have the patience to wait for that to come before starting the actual colorwork. 

November 30, 2006

Out of my EVERLOVING mind

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Yeah, that’s me.  Out of my mind.  I currently have TOO many projects on the needles.

Erin’s Socks
Uncle Dick’s Golf Club Covers
Cable & Ribs Socks
Central Park Hoodie
A Shawl that I haven’t mentioned yet. I’m not sure if I’ll keep this on the needles- I’m just playing around with lace yarn and seeing how competent I am with all those YO and K2TOG’s etc. before I cast on for the Pacific Northwest Shawl

You can tell what my goals for December will be. ha ha.

 Oh yeah, and then there’s this. 
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It’s a log cabin blanket for Zander.  When I began knitting again I didn’t tackle a blanket… I was getting back in the swing of things with simple scarves, etc.  I did make him a quilt when he was about 18 months, and he has loved it to death, and it even has holes forming and is VERY faded.  I decided it was time for another blanket for him.  I love the colors.  They are Knitpicks superwash wool and I am absolutely AMAZED at the softness of this yarn.  When picking the colors I wasn’t sure how they would match, but I’m really thrilled.  I have 770 yards.  Do you think that will be enough?

I also ordered knitpick options needles to give them a try.  The set is on my Christmas Wish List so I wanted to make sure I liked them.  They’re SOOOO like addis that I’m amazed.  If you haven’t tried them you should!  I’m off to work on a project I shouldn’t have even started.

November 29, 2006

1 down 2 to go

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Minus the pom-pom and duplicate stitched “1” the first one is done.

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Only took 2.5 hours to stitch.  If I add on 1 hour for duplicate stitching I’m looking at a total of 11 hours for this gift.  Not bad.  Hopefully I’ll get a few hunks of time this weekend to work on them while Z is at his Dad’s.

November 27, 2006

Christmas Progress

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So I finished the first of Erin’s socks.  I took me 8 hours.  So it shouldn’t be a problem ::knock on wood:: to get it done before Christmas.

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I also took on one more Christmas gift. Well, three. I’m making golf club covers for my Uncle Dick.  I was debating on whether I would have enough time to complete these, but then looking back at last year I completed Uncle Dick’s 2 socks in 7 hours (3.5 hours each) and figure these golf club covers couldn’t take much more than 3 hours each since they’re not much bigger than a sock.  This reason alone, makes me glad I time my knitting projects.  How great to be able to predict (even roughly) what you’re getting into.

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I also started a project for me.  (I HAVE to complete my monthly goals, you know?)

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This is a close-up of the cables.

But this one is more true to the color.
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November 25, 2006

Finished Object- Jenny’s Baby Blanket

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I finished the blanket! 

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And a closeup:
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Yes, it truly is that fluffy.  And I guarantee it’s softer than it looks!

What: Jenny’s Baby Blanket
Started: Tuesday, October 10, 2006
Finished: Saturday, November 25, 2006
Yarn: Plymouth yarn; Heaven, color 1 (light blue). 4 balls.  220 yards.  I bought 5, but 4 was plenty to make it a square blanket.
Needles: size 15 24″ bamboo
Pattern: Simple garter stitch border, stockinette center.  I forgot to measure before tieing it up, but I’d estimate it to be about 36″ square.
Knitting Time: 4.25 hours. 

November 7, 2006

Jenny’s Baby Blanket

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So, I started Jenny’s Baby blanket October 10th, but have yet to show a picture of it. 

The problem with blogging this blanket is that it is not something that can be photographed.  It must be touched.  This is seriously the SOFTEST yarn I have ever felt.

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I actually don’t like knitting with large needles (I’m using 15 for these) because they rather hurt my hands, but this is a pretty quick knit nonetheless.

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I’m almost done with the 3rd ball of yarn and am only about 3 hours into it. I have 5 balls total. This a totally quick knit.

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Can’t beat the simple pattern either. 8 rows of garter stitch then, each row has a 4 stitch wide garter stitch border. She’s going to LOVE it.